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UPDATE: The Dr. Drew Producers discovered this video and invited us to Hollywood, CA to do a short interview for Dr Drews new show on the HLN Network. The shows title is something to the effect of "Extreme Parenting". This was a great experience. The show is airing on Wednesday, Monday, April 6, 2011 at 9:00pm EST. My 15 year old son who is in Honors Algebra and very smart but apparently not using his intelligence in a way that he needs to use it. He is making destructive choices! Choosing the wrong crowd to hang out with, drinking, smoking, etc... So after many months of being in "total lockdown" (meaning no where but school and home) not even leaving the front yard I finally decided to give him a little tiny bits of freedom by walking to our neighborhood park for an hour each day. He took advantage of this freedom and decided to get drunk at a "so called" friends house that lives in the neighborhood. So the video above is part of his punishment of being decietful and untrustworthy.

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