Fastest lecture in world history.

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Brian drank way too much coffee before teaching this class at Capilano University on February 7th, 2015. The reason why he is so jumpy and fast and jittery is because he downloaded the latest iPad operating system. Brian was trying to make a normal video of his mindfulness meditation lecture but he didn't notice that his three and a half year old iPad now has a new option above the video switch. It's called "TIME - LAPSE". He accidentally made the wrong setting which produced this useless meditation video! I am Brian Ruhe, and I lead a double life. I teach Buddhism and meditation in Vancouver, Canada and I am also a political activist resisting globalist Zionist Supremacists. I believe this is the single biggest problem in the world today for everybody, including Buddhist traditions. I am available for one-to-one counselling for $25/ half hour by Skype, phone or in person, on any matter. You can call my Skype address at: BrianARuhe and join me on Facebook at: Brian Ruhe Vancouver. For more information please do visit my website My latest book "A SHORT WALK ON AN ANCIENT PATH - A Buddhist Exploration of Meditation, Karma and Rebirth", is available in book or ebook form at at: ... I was a Buddhist monk in Chiangmai, Thailand in 1995 - 1996 and I have been teaching Theravada Buddhism and meditation for 20 years. My first book from 1999, is "Freeing the Buddha," also at Amazon. I follow the Theravada Forest tradition at

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