Fritz Springmeier’s Prophecy Club lecture

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Fritz Springmeier is still in jail for spilling the beans on the Roman Catholic pedophilia network and medical experiments in their convents, hospitals and schools. This lecture gives an overview of his work, that is gathered by interviewing victims of Roman Catholic abuse, and the ones that profit from popery.

The author might not agree with the way I describe his lecture, while also some Vatican researchers, that do not discuss pedophilia, would distant themselves from Fritz Springmeier's work. But I wait for proof, that anything claimed by Fritz Springmeier would not be truth. Rusty Nelson, the most important witness of the Franklin Cover-up, would very clearly point out, how the Vatican was behind this pedophile network. Other researchers gave proof of the same thing. The Catholics have the motives, the means and the doctrines. Setting up cults is the profession of most priests. I haven't met an American researcher yet, that understands that cults are either set up, or infiltrated by popery. And if that does not succeed, these groups of friends and families get killed out, just as the Branch Davidians where 18 years ago.

Unfortunately Fritz Springmeier did not know what a Jesuit is, therefor he can not bring the occurrences to the source of their conception. De motive for the Jesuits, is to blame Protestants for this pedophilia network. This is why the source is so well hidden. But the word he uses , Illuminati, is a Roman Catholic word. Illuminati was the name of the Jesuits, when they where expelled by the Roman Catholics from 1773 to 1814. The leader of the illuminati is called Spartacus, who was a professor of Canon Law at Ingolstad University Germany.

I know some victims, that would use the same description as I do. Cathy O'Brien said, that Roman Catholicism is a mind control based propaganda. Illuminati whistle blower Svali stated, in the only audio interview she ever gave, to Greg Szymanksi, starting the interview with how she was initiated into the illuminati at the Vatican. Mauri, another victim, would publish the book: Vatican Ratline. A fourth source for my claim that Fritz Sprinmeier's is wrong about the Vatican being "one of the Pagan perpetrators", is Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, who discovered that Auswitch concentration camp physician Dr. Joseph Mengele, would sign every document where religion was asked to: Roman Catholic.
Dr. Mengele was a Roman Catholic, and an important founder of the mind control programs.

To some the lecture might be shocking. The facts given are very hard to either proof or disproof. Unless maybe you are a victim yourself, or giving therapy to victims, as the latter was the most important source for Fritz Springmeier.

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