Educational Video for Kids, Teachers, and Parents - One Girl's Story

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PAPER WORDS is a film that is both fun to watch and teaches children how to get along better with others. Done in 3D animation, this short film makes a memorable impression on young viewers, allowing kids to see the impact their behavior can have on other seemingly different kids. The themes presented in the film are universal ones that all viewers can easily relate to, feelings of isolation and loneliness, told through a magical, enchanting tale that offers a window into a child's mind. You can view the entire film online at: To order a hard copy with closed captioning and audio description, visit: Synopsis: PAPER WORDS is a 3D-animated story about a girl whose active imagination gets misconstrued by others around her. Five-year-old Mei, a girl from China, spends much of her time at school frozen to the corner of her classroom. She won't talk, she won't play, and she never looks the teacher in the eye. No one can figure out why. But that's alright with Mei, who is distracted by the magic she sees in nature and her vivid dreams at night. As the days and weeks pass, clues to the young girl's mind begin to unfold, resulting in a surprising but uplifting conclusion. Colorful sets married with an enchanting musical score provide the backdrop for this universal story that transcend the usual boundaries of time and place. Aired on national PBS, Global Voices Program in 2011 and 2012. Video Librarian gives this film 3.5 stars (1-4 scale), calling PAPER WORDS a "lovely computer-animated short" and "highly recommends" this film for elementary students grades 1-3, high school, college & universities, and public libraries in their September/October 2011 issue. PAPER WORDS is a co-production of Rising Chimera Productions and the Independent Television Service (ITVS), and a presentation of the Center for Asian American Media, with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Subject Areas: Education, Teacher Training, Bilingual Education, Immigrant Stories, Video for Kids, Video for Teachers, Asian American, English Immersion, ESL (English as a Second Language), Cultural Assimilation, Animation, Educational Psychology, Teaching Colleges, Teaching Programs, Language Literary, Language Access, Teaching Foreign Students.

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