Tree-Kangaroo -- Animals Of Australia For Kids -- Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

Convert YouTube to MP3 for your device Tree-kangaroos are animals of Australia. They can exist in mountainous areas and in lowlands as well. Due to hunting and habitat loss, they're now at risk of becoming endangered. They belong to the family Macropodidae. Physically, they possess powerful hind legs and weighty tail. When in trees, tree-kangaroos are quick in movement and bold. However, when on land, they're awkward and sluggish. They're excellent jumpers. At all times, they jump with ease. When in captivity, tree-kangaroos can live up to 20 years. Supply little ones with Animals of Australia for Kids kindle edition by John Davidson and Shawn Vincent Wilson at the moment should kids desire to obtain more facts about tree-kangaroos and other animals of Australia!

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