The Beginning of Change

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We are asking you to take a few moments to consider supporting Executive Prep Academy of Finance in its effort to raise funds to support its After School Program. During this uncertain time in our history our kids look to us for social, academic and emotional well-being. As you know state budget cuts have severely impacted our school and access to much needed resources. Now is the time, more then ever, to join forces with us to demonstrate your support for these economically disadvantaged kids. The economic challenges we are facing today pose a great threat to our future leaders. Having them academically prepared to become leaders is growing even more challenging. In Los Angeles, kids who should have no worries have seen more hardships and adult problems than they should ever have to endure. Executive Prep Academy of Finance has become a safe haven for them to dream bigger, to pursue goals and ambitions, to step outside of their reality and gain perspective of possibilities. With the support of family and friends in and out of this community they have a chance to be better. Change doesn't happen overnight, but progress comes quick when people are motivated. We need this school. We sincerely appreciate your support and generosity and support. Thank you for helping us improve the lives of these deserving young scholars. You can make a donation at Find us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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