Generative Gestaltung Lecture - Intro Showreel

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Introduction and teaser video we used to show at the beginning of our lecture "Generative Gestaltung". The lecture enhances the corresponding book "Generative Gestaltung" The video features various artists in the field of generative design and was always an excellent starting point for the audience to get into the topic.

In addition, we would like to thank all artists for their support with source footage! A special thank you goes out to Karsten Schmidt (toxi libs showreel sources) and Patric Schmidt (soundtrack)!

Projects in order of appearance:

* _grau – Robert Seidel

* Enerugii, part II – Karsten Schmidt

* M.3 Formulierte Körper – Generative Gestaltung

* onedotzero identity 2009 – Karsten Schmidt

* Audi TT Movement – Karsten Schmidt

* COP15 Copenhagen – nr2154, shiftcontrol studio

* M.1 Zufall und Rauschen – Generative Gestaltung

* Gestalt – Thorsten Fleisch

* extracts of local distance – F. Gmeiner, T. Posselt, B. Maus

* Nokia Friends – Karsten Schmidt

* empires decline – Pedro Miguel Cruz

* BC Budget Visualizations – Jer Thorp

* Just Landed – Jer Thorp

* GoodMorning! – Jer Thorp

* M.6 Dynamische Datenstrukturen – Generative Gestaltung

Soundtrack was exclusively produced for this video by Patric Schmidt aka Bobby Kudlicz

Video editing by Benedikt Groß

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