Social Mythology - Zeitgeist Vancouver Lecture

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Here is the video footage of a 52 minute presentation given by Shannon Mackenzie and Matt Berkowitz from Zeitgeist Vancouver in May 2010. Shannon opens it up with a refresher for those less familiar with The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project.

Matt's section, entitled Social Mythology, begins around the 12:30 mark, and was designed to expand upon and supplement some of the material Peter Joseph discussed in his lecture at Z-Day 2010, Social Pathology.

The contents of Matt's section are as follows:

1. Establishment Paralysis
2. Examining Root Causes / Sustainable Values
a. Human Nature
b. Competition
c. Free Will
d. Incentive
e. Law and Morality
f. Additional Sustainable Values (Ego, Work Ethic, Semantics)
3. Transition
a. Technological Unemployment
b. Fossil Fuels
c. Why Societies Collapse
d. Financial Meltdown

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