“Live from Pluto” Lecture Time-Lapse

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Something a little different from me for a time-lapse - this time not of scenic landscapes, but of me presenting a lecture and planetarium show devoted to viewing the amazing new images from Pluto and the New Horizons probe. And to taking the audience through the solar system courtesy of the planetarium theatre's Digistar 5 projection system.

The lecture was in the Digital Dome at TELUS Spark, the science centre in Calgary, Alberta, on July 16, 2015, and played to a packed house in the dome. The short time-lapse compresses my one-hour lecture into one minute!

But in it, you can get a taste of the visuals and immersive scenes I was able to program and project onto the dome with the Digistar. What a way to present a lecture! I spent 40 years producing and presenting planetarium shows, but these new tools for visualizing the universe in the dome are jaw-dropping. It was fun to get back using them again, to bring this historic flyby event to the public in a unique way.

The movie begins with the audience entering, and ends with the Q&A and audience exiting. It includes scenes where we fly alongside New Horizons out to Pluto, then orbit Ceres with Dawn, plus land on a comet with Rosetta and Philae.

I shot the time-lapse with a Canon 6D and 15mm full-frame fish-eye lens shooting under Auto Exposure for a total of 1177 frames, taken at an interval of 8 seconds, here played back at 15 frames per second. The camera was behind the dome in the cove, where it would not be disturbed. Music is by Adi Goldstein.

Many thanks to the staff at TELUS Spark (sparkscience.ca) for making the event possible.

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