Qua Sonus: Lecture program report: Dara Smith speaks about live visuals with Ableton & TouchDesigner

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The snippet of Dara Smith (Lakker) lecture:
The role of design and the gestalt theory in live visuals and and how to apply these using Ableton and Touchdesigner to make a basic simple Audio Visual Live show.

It`s a video report from the first event happened September 6th 2014 at Ohm, Berlin
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The LAB.

A cultural platform focused on the education and expression of audio-visual technology and based in Berlin.

Day Program
with lectures & master-classes by Peter Kirn, Onformative, Dara Smith.

Night Program
with experimental implementation and performance of leading A-V tools
by Peter Kirn, Dash'in Bluberrythm (aka Dasha Rush), Dara Smith (Lakker), and PRCDRL

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