School Bus Crashes Compilation

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11 School Bus Crash Videos go viral into 1 Video (SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE) Watch Update Video: 1st clip:In 2003 The bus driver was high on drugs at the time of the accident after she missed a car and the bus flip over into a ditch and 23 kids were all grade 8 students were injured and the bus driver was arrested. 2nd clip:in 2007 the bus was hit by a car in the side and lost control of the bus and flipped over 2 times into the ditch all kids on the bus were injured, the kids in the back had serious injuries. 3rd clip:in 1996, The bus went off the road on to a trail and then a rigidity-ass bridge at 60 miles an hour and kids went flying only 1 kid was hurt after he hit his head on the ceiling. 4th clip: in 2014 the bus driver missed a turn and lost control and hit a ditch and flip on its side, all of the students were injured and din't have to go to school. 5th clip The bus driver fell out of his seat and kept holding on to the wheel and smashed threw the fence and smashed into a garage no kids were on the bus but the bus driver was injured and no one was in the house by the time of the crash.

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