Lessons Learned - Synthesia Cover

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This is another song I really enjoy, especially the second half (yeah, I'm a sucker for darker tunes ^^). This time I tried something new: Changing backgrounds. There's so much stuff happening in this song that one background wouldn't really be enough to cover it all, so I'm using three backgrounds this time to tell the story of how Edmond Dashie met Abbé Faria and how they planned their escape from the Château D'If. A huge thanks to my friend StupidFlyingXXFOX () for beeing kind enough to draw all three artworks used in this video. This wouldn't be possible without you =) Here's the links to the pics I used: Inspired by Ink Potts () Lyrics: Faria: I have learned a thing or two about the ways of men. Many skills you'll learn before we're through. We'll have time to practice them and practice them again. Till, like breathing in and out, they're part of you. First of all: Can you write? (Edmond: Well...) You must learn to read and write, not like a peasant but a knight, you'll learn to write. Words, you will speak like a noble, not a sailor who has spent his life at sea, ev'ry sillable another note that builds a melody, ah mais oui. And to think. You must think! Learn to reason using logic till you've straightened ev'ry kink, learn to see beyond the obvious until you find the hidden link. Edmond: Teach me all you know, how to read and write, how to speak and think. Faria: Study all day long, dig to freedom through the night. Edmond: When we are free and far away, I will return to my Marseille where dear Mercedes will be waiting. Then, when she is in my arms at last, I'll make the future change the past until it's gone, yes gone forever! Faria: Sometimes the past won't let go quite so easily. Sometimes the truth isn't quite what is seems to be. So never linger too long in a dream that's moved on. --pause-- Faria: Now again ... and again, till the thrust is second nature you'll repeat this regimen, and then, once you have perfected it repeat the repetition again. Now the lunge... throw the stone, clap your hands and close the distance with your back against the wall, keep your lead foot moving forward till you catch the stone before it can fall. Close your eyes now, close them tight, and then tell me all the names of ev'ry person that you've met, see their faces in a context that you never ever will forget. Edmond: There are three: Danglars, Mondego and a face, one with a name I can't quite place, these are the people I remember. All of the rest are but a blur, all of the rest, except for her. She is the reason I keep going. Knowing she's there! Faria: You've got to set this anger free! Edmond: It drives me on. Faria: But it will kill the man you still can be. --pause-- Edmond: I will be for them a mirror that I hold before their eyes. I'll become the true reflection of the worst of their lies. I will offer no forgiveness, I'll be like time and tide. I will seek them out, let them run and hide! Faria: Revenge is not the way my friend, it never ends too well, it eats the one who feeds it and sends him straight to hell. --the tunnel collapses-- Edmond: You will be fine, God in heaven, my one friend in the world, do not take him, my one friend in the world, please awaken him, I beg you... Give us this day, just a day of freedom, warmed by your sun, just a night of freedom when day is done. God in heaven, won't you save him?

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