Smart Snacks in School Rules - 5 Reasons to Act Now! USDA Competitive Food

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Get Started at: In this video we'll give you five ways to make sure your school makes a maximally successful transition to the USDA's new Smart Snacks in School guidelines. HUMAN Healthy Vending is ready to help you meet the new nutrition standards on time with happy and healthy kids and, of course, happy parents. Smart Snacks in School Junk food vending ban competitive foods USDA HUMAN Healthy Vending Healthy Vending in Schools Keywords: "smart snacks in School" "usda competitive food rules" "HUMAN Healthy Vending" "healthy vending machines" "Healthy Vending in school" "childhood obesity" "child nutrition act" "Healthy Vending" "Vending" "Vending Business" "Vending Companies" "Vending Machines Business" "Vending Machines" "Vending Machines in Schools" "School Healthy vending"

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