123 Kids Fun EDUCATION - Educational Games for Preschool Kids and Toddlers

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Gameplay from "123 Kids Fun Education". Preschool and Kindergarten Kids Educational Early Learning Games. TeachMe Counting, Colors, Geometry, Alphabet, Math, Numbers, Shapes Sorting, Patterns, Puzzles, Learn to Read Letters for Toddler Children Great WAY TO PREPARE your kids for SUCCESS in PRESCHOOL and KINDERGARTEN CURRICULUM! Great different exciting proven educational activities to develop your child's skills. Collection of educational games and activities for preschoolers. Learn Alphabet, Numbers, Sounds, Shapes, Music, Words, Colors. *** BEST OF 2014 PRESCHOOL TOOLBOX by TeachersWithApps.com *** This app includes puzzles which teach children to recognizing colors, guess animal sounds, count and burst colored soap bubbles and much more. Learn the names of animals and the sounds they make, fruits, vegetables, objects, colors, numbers, and how to spot differences between objects. As all parents know, children should be praised and rewarded for their achievements. Our reward system awards your child after successfully completing a round from the games that you have selected to play. After collecting 15 stars, Tina (our adorable robot host) will award one of our great digital stickers which can be placed on your very own digital sticker board. *** appymall.com ***"It is colourful, interactive, simplistic, and highly educational in value." Just tap "Play" to start our cheerful robot, Tina, will guide your child in how to play each game with clear and simple instructions. 123 Kids Fun EDUCATION includes 15 different educational games: * Match the letter on a bucket with the one on the trailer. * Insert the cookie (shape) into the kangaroo's pouch. * Count and take animals for a ride on a tractor. * Throw the right colored basketball into the basket. * Find and match socks to make a pairs (recognizing patterns). * Choose the correct food for various animals. * Guess the sounds various animals make. * Spot the differences between various objects. * Find the animal that is different from other animals. * Arrange pieces of fruits and vegetables. * Learn colours with dinosaurs. * Look for two of the same pictures. * Pop and count soap bubbles. * Match the pictures with their shadows. * What comes next? (Pattern recognition). Each game has a great graphical interface, cute and adorable illustrations, animations and sounds. With its easy navigation, simple tasks and the helpful and adorable robot guide, Tina, your children will laugh, learn and be amazed. View in Itunes if you like it. MediaTech Ⓒ

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