Fishing 101: Lecture #1 - The Philosophy and Two Main Ideologies Behind Fishing

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Make sure to READ the description of the video BEFORE WATCHING IT!!! --------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to my Fishing 101 Lecture Series on YouTube!!! Here are a couple pointers before you watch this video: 1. The Fishing 101 Lecture Series is NOT a collection of practical fishing videos. In other words, there is absolutely no fishing in it. As the name implies, it's a didactic series of LECTURES. Think of it as an online class on fishing! If you are looking for regular fishing videos, feel free to browse throughout the Channel. 2. There will be a total of 12 fishing lessons, which will cover from fishing ideologies to fishing techniques, fishing gear technicalities, the biology of fishes, rules and regulations in the sport, etc. By the end of this series, the viewer should be pro-efficient with the basics of the sport of fishing, despite of age and location. 3. Lectures will be released on a weekly basis (a total of 3 months). They will be uploaded on the YouTube Channel on 3 a.m. EST every MONDAY. Each lecture will have a length similar to a college level class: between 50 to 80 minutes. Make sure to NOT skip any lectures if you want to maximize your learning process! 4. Feel free to leave ANY questions on the comment section below. They will be answered in a matter of 1 to 4 days. Below are the following materials to be used with this lecture: EXCERPT 1: “They fasten red wool around a hook and fix to the wool two feathers that grow under a cock’s wattles, and which in color are like wax. The rod they use is six feet long and the line of the same length. Then the angler lets fall his lure. The fish, attracted by its color and excited, draws close and…forthwith opens its mouth, but is caught by the hook, and bitter indeed is the feast it enjoys, inasmuch as it is captured.” -- From Claudius Aelian's "De Animalium Natura" (200 A.D.) EXCERPT 2: Divided in three parts: the “staffe” (butt section), the “wood” (middle section), and the “croppe” (the tip). According to her, the “staffe” should be made with a piece of green “hasyll, wyllowe, or ashe.” The “wood” should be chopped during the Winter, between the months of “Michaelmas” (Late September) and Candlemas (early February). Finally, the “croppe” should be made of hazel, or perhaps Black Thornn, Crabbe tree, or juniper. The combination of the three would be about 15 feet long. -- The words extracted from Dame Juliana Berners' "Vol 2 of the Boke of St. Albans" (1496) EXCERPT 3: “There was much fuss in the village of South Hadley, Massachusetts, one pleasant spring day in 1783. Since dawn a procession of deep box wagons had been clattering along the main street. Clouds of dust fogged the street between the low, square houses as the hoofs of the horses spurted dry earth at every step. The teams moved in two lines, empty wagons toward the River, loaded wagons homeward toward the outlying hills, creaking under the weight of their silvery haul. The dust rose higher with the sun, but through the haze could be seen the bright bonnets and aprons of housewives, and the glint of the knives with which they dexterously slit and gutted great piles of fresh fish. The empty wagons moving toward the River stopped below the roaring falls. Men, wading up to their necks in the big pool, dragged coarse-meshed nets through the water and out to the banks, dumping hundreds of flopping, bright, big fish onto flattened weeds now slick with slime. Their helpers clubbed the fish to death, barely keeping up with the hauls of the seines. Other men, covered with blood and scales, tossed the fish into the wagons. THE SALMON RUN WAS ON IN THE CONNECTICUT RIVER.” -- From Larry Koller's "The Treasury of Angling." Next Lecture will be up on December 21st. The main topic will be "How to Get Started on Fishing." It will include the following sub-topics: (1) general fishing rules and regulations; (2) fishing ethics (including fishing etiquette); and (3) basic fish Anatomy and Physiology. Long Days and Pleasant Nights! Tight lines, Youtube viewers! -------------------------------------- EPF encourages freedom of speech - there's absolutely nothing wrong in expressing oneself; however, please -- respect is good and everyone deserves it. Negative comments will be deleted and trolls will be banned. :)

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