Planet Venus

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New Video of giant Jupiter rising above the city of Perth! Planet Venus The planet Venus is one of the 8 planets of the Solar System. Venus is the second planet from the Sun and is similar in size to the Earth. Of the Solar System planets, only Mercury is closer to the Sun. Venus is one of the 4 inner rocky planets of the Solar System. Similar in size to the Earth, it is also the planet that comes closest to the Earth in it's orbit. Though similar in size and distance from the Sun, this is where the similarities with the Earth end. Venus is shrouded in a dense atmosphere of mostly Carbon Dioxide (96%), the result of a runaway greenhouse effect that has taken global warming on Venus to the extreme. With a surface pressure of 92 times that of Earth, and temperatures of up to 460C, Venus is an inhospitable planet. As with all Solar System planets, Venus orbits the Sun in a counter clockwise direction, taking 224 Earth days to make one orbit of the Sun. However, unlike most of the other Solar System planets, Venus rotates on it's axis in a clockwise direction. The planet Venus also has the slowest rotation of all the Solar System planets, taking 243 Earth days to turn once on it's axis. This makes a day on Venus (243 Earth days) longer than a year!

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