BEST Halloween Light Show: Five Nights at Freddy's

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...Well, it's the "best" Halloween show on my street at least... ;) Anyway... in anticipation of the 2016 release of FNAF World, Freddy and the rest of his friends decided to drop by our house to wish the trick-or-treaters all the best. They are especially interested in meeting Josie Mabie, a friend of ours who just can't WAIT to come over for a visit.... All the props in our show are handmade and life-sized. They are covered with UV reactive paint so they glow in the dark under black light. SHOW INFO: Show is in South St. Louis and runs from approx to 10:00 pm to Halloween. The display uses a combination of DMX fixtures and multi-channel pixel lights controlled with a San Devices e682 pixel controller via e1.31. Nightmares come with the experience... MORE: Visit us on Facebook: Visit the Artist on Youtube: Like the Song? OTHER COOL HALLOWEEN SHOWS: Edwards Landing Lights: NOTICE: I do not own the rights to the music attached to this video. This video is intended for entertainment purposes only and will not be distributed for profit and/or financial gain

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